Bike and Scooter Rules


Rosa Parks is a walking school, and students are encouraged to walk, bike or scooter to school. Vehicles must be registered.

Bike/scooter riders are responsible for following these rules. Students who violate these rules risk the suspension or loss of their bike/scooter riding privileges.

Registration form

  • All bikes/scooters must be parked in the bike rack with approved bicycle/scooter registration number visible.
  • All bikes/scooters must be walked on and off the school grounds. Bike/scooter riding is not permitted on the school grounds during school hours.
  • Every bike/scooter must have a lock. This is the best means of preventing someone from riding your bike/scooter.
  • You must have your own lock and not share with a friend.
  • Every rider must wear an approved safety helmet when riding to and from Rosa Parks Elementary.
  • All bike/scooter riders must have an approved “Safe Bike/Scooter Club Membership Registration” form on file in the office.
  • Bike/scooter riders shall use all hand signals employed by the driver of a car. (Applicant should learn these if he/she does not know them before riding their bike.)
  • Keep to the right and ride in a single file. Keep a safe distance behind all vehicles.
  • Look out for cars pulling out into traffic. Keep sharp lookout for sudden opening of car doors.
  • Never hitch on other vehicles, “stunt” or race in traffic. Never ride two people on a bike/scooter.
  • Ride in a straight line. Do not weave in or out of traffic or swerve from side to side.
  • Slow down at all street intersections and look to the right and to the left before crossing. Stop at stop signs! At all intersections, where school patrol is present, riders must dismount and cross in the crosswalk, pushing their bike/scooter as a pedestrian.
  • Both hands should be used in steering the bike/scooter, except when using one hand for signaling.
  • Be sure brakes are operating efficiently and keep the bike/scooter in perfect running condition.
  • Give pedestrians the right of way. Since pedestrians and bikes/scooters share sidewalks and other paths. Special care must be taken, as walkers have the right of way.
  • Private property must always be respected.