Thursday Family Library Nights

Hello Rosa Parks families! 

I want to welcome you all to attend our monthly Rosa Parks Family Library Nights.  Every month, on the first Thursday, we invite families to come to the library. We start at 5:30 and are done by 7:00. 

Our library students really appreciate the chance to come to the library with their parents.  We always start out with a read aloud book, often read with lots of student interaction.  Parents, be ready to be involved!  Next we discuss what is new and exciting in the library and our culture of enthusiastic readers.  Then the students especially like the fact that they get to check out bonus books in addition to the ones checked out in class. 


We especially look forward to kindergarten families.  This event gives kindergarteners a chance to roam around and get to know the library.  They get to choose great non-fiction books or chapter books for read-alouds with their families. 


It would be great if you can join us!! 

 Mr. Anderson 😊



Thursday Night Dates:

October -
Our first Library Night in October was a big success.  As always, we started out with a read aloud;  Horace and Morris Join the Chorus, But What About Dolores?  Students volunteered to act out the parts.  One Dad was also included.  Most of the remaining time was dedicated to checking out books.

 November 14 -
The November event will start out with an interactive read aloud book.  Our focus will be getting to know the Everybody Book section.  We will review how it is organized and how to use the AR labels to select books that are ‘just right’.  There will also be a selection of BRAND NEW chapter books to pick from.

 December 5 - Gala Holiday
The focus will be on great gift books for the Holidays and the great local bookstores that sell them. 

January 9th -

February 6th

February 27th    Rosa Parks Read Across America Night -  Moved  because of PTSA Meeting on first Thursday (replaces March Family Library Night)

April 2nd -

May 7th 

June 4th -