Battle of the Books 2021-22

Amazing Reading Challenge

Amazing Reading Challenge
at Rosa Parks Elementary

The Amazing Reading Challenge (ARC) is a “Battle of the Books” style program that allows 4th and 5th graders to work together as a team to correctly answer questions about the selected books. The goal is to encourage students at all reading levels to engage in teamwork while reading some of the best in children’s literature. Every year six titles are selected by a panel of LWSD Librarians and challenge questions are created based on specific and factual information within the books. 

Initially, a challenge is held at the individual school level, usually in February or early March.  The top team from Rosa Parks will proceed on to a semi-final competition against other schools in Lake Washington and then a final district contest will occur in late March. 

Students will be on teams consisting of six students, and practice with other 4th and 5th grade teams from our school.  They will need to read their books at home, then come to weekly practices in the school library during lunch recess time.

If you are interested in participating, look for the permission slip to come out in October which will give additional details on the book and time commitment.


ARC Booklist

2024-2025 booklist

coming soon

ARC Rules

  • Teams will consist of 4-6 4th or 5th grade students.
  • Students must have a signed permission form and agree to participate for the whole competition.
  • Teams are each given the same question. Teams have 30 seconds to discuss the answer.
  • Answers are written on an erasable board, and turned around at the same time.
  • 5 points are given for each correct answer no points are given for an incorrect answer.
  • If a tie occurs, questions are given until one team answers incorrectly.
  • Competitions will not be rescheduled due to student illness or vacations.
  • Substitutes for missing team members are not allowed.