Kelly Blair, M.Ed.
School Counselor
Rosa Parks Elem.
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April 20172017

Classroom Lessons

As my Second Step and Kelso lessons are finishing up, students have been reviewing what they learned during the lessons. Here’s a recap of some of the things that we’ve discussed: Empathy - Compassion - Identifying Feelings - Focusing Attention - Ignoring Distractions - Positive Self-talk Calming Down - Solving Problems - Taking Responsibility Body Safety and Career lessons will be coming shortly. Look for more information in my upcoming counselor newsletter. .

5th Grade Egg Drop
Rosa Parks students had an EGG-stra special time at the 5th grade Egg Drop on March 31st. Here’s a picture of the firemen dropping an egg from 100 feet in the air to see if the 5th grade students’ designs would keep the egg from breaking upon impact. Amazingly, most of the eggs were still intact!

Parenting Websites & Resources...
Here are a few great parenting resources to support your children:
Supporting the social & emotional development of children:

Upcoming parenting classes:

Home School Connection

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Our next SPIRIT day is....TWIN DAY!

Wednesday, April 26th.

It is a day when you choose a friend or friends and dress up exactly alike. Find student council posters around the school for more information.